Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday Massacre!

This year Black Friday was nuts! All the dope sneaker boutiques were having crazy sells. Winners Circle and EQPT were selling some of their tees for $5! Theres still time to get down there if you missed it because the sales are gonna go through the weekend. I headed out to Seattle at about 12:30 with my sister, cousin and brother-in-law and we didnt leave til about 9:00! Ray over at Winners Circle was going mad low on all his items so if you see something you like theres a good chance he will go way lower than sticker price. So get your ass down there today!

I got some crazy deals on some Alife kicks and The Hundreds shirts from Winners Circle and some Forces from Niketown.

Laced Up


Winners Circle


Rock Paper Scissors


brook lynne carter. said...

looks like a compulsive shopper.

plainjane. said...

i too shop at laced as well as eqpt ... theyre great shops