Monday, December 29, 2008

Jordan Heads Documentary

I was doing some more browsing on the internet and ran into this website for an upcoming documentary about Air Jordans and the people who love them. I was watching the trailer and this looks like a dope movie. It says it will have a theatrical release early 2009. Unfortunately it will most likely only be released in select theatres in major cities in the US but we will see. If it comes out in Seattle I will defintely make the commute to catch it.

To check out the trailer go to the website @

I also found some upcoming scenes from the movie on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

thats dope

Anonymous said...

i wanna watch !
u shuld update this blog once u know where the movie will be playing

Meanshots22 said...

i dont fuck wit the jordans much but i will rock some fusions

Anonymous said...

THank you for this amazing news!!!!!