Monday, December 8, 2008

Pick Up Post!

Most of my pickups over the last 2 weeks, minus some blank tees and blank hoodies.

The Hundreds tee.

Air Force 1 Supreme Max - World Tour (Japan)

Colorado Rockies New EraALab Jeans

Sneaktip Tee

Stacking up!
Royal Blue/White Air Force 1s
Air Jordan "Playoff" Retro VIII
Volcom Tee
Orange ALIFE Parachute Mids
Neff Tee
Crooks and Castles Tee
Vans Jacket


nt skinne n e mo said...

your fitts are nice.

i love the fitted hat. i got it (=

ill;kinda said...

you copped hella stuff I love the crooka & castles tee .

ill;kinda said...

i meant *crooks .

Super Woman said...

ok clearlyyyy your blog is ill.
Crooks ad castles t was iight

my fav. was drop kicks not bombs and the tits & Volcom t's

Anonymous said...

That purple shirt is got it right wit the rockies fitted..

Athena Christine. said...

top sneaks are fly,.

diplomatikk said...

the hundreds is HUGE :]

LoveLala09 said...

Doode. i totally forgot about Neff until i seen this post. It inspired me to go dig out my Neff beanie from last winter. I think im gonna wear it tomorrow. Thanx so much! Lolz =]

KiDD_Extraordinary said...

buy ME themzzzzz. love thee [[THE HUNDREDS]] nd DROP KICKS not BOMBSSSSSSSS!!!!

jessica rae said...

i absolutely hate sneakers. BUT these ( as well as others ive seen on the page ) are dope.