Thursday, January 1, 2009

What Did You Wear Today? 1/1/09

Today I went over to my uncles for a lil family New Years day thing we have every year.
So I decided to throw on these Dunks I havent worn in awhile, and this Oneil jacket I picked up the other day in Seattle. I had fun at my uncles and ate alot, haha.


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I'm luvin the sneakers! Do you ever not match? lol

April Rose said...

♥ it.

I was just wearing a Married to the Mob tee + black/purple Skytop Supras.. And a purple scarf my bestie bought me for Christmas =] lol

But that was New Year's Eve.. I was on my lazy shit today.. Fresh Rutgers' Track + Field sweatshirt + KU Jayhawks sweats from VS's Pink line =]

Lady of the year. said...


MS. NAOMiE said...

love your style. you kinda remind me of my brother

Anonymous said...

brown compliments you very well, nicky!