Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Many Works Of Estevan Oriol

Even if you have never heard of him you have probably seen his work. The photography of Estevan Oriol is everywhere in urban culture right now. Getting his feet wet in fashion, film, and even coming out with his own book, Estevan is more in demand than ever. Estevan's photo book "LA Woman" features some of the most creative photography I have ever seen, capturing the beauty of woman such as Rosa Acosta, Joy Bryant and even Kim Kardashion, with prefection. Estevan is in the works on a new project with TITS and model Megan Daniels releasing soon that is sure to be off the hook as usual. Working with TITS I have got to see the project unfold and will not disappoint. The TITS x Estevan Oriol x Rosa Acosta "Sh*ts Bananas" collab is one of my favorites and is available on right now.

Make sure to check out Estevan's site and follow him on twitter @jokerbrand. You will be seeing ALOT more of his work in the future.

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