Thursday, September 2, 2010


When coming into Urbanity for the first time, the first thing that caught my attention was the space in the boutique. Everything is very open and you don't feel cramped while browsing the store. The boutique has a very upscale casual feel and everything seems to fit exactly where it is. The location of Urbanity is evident from the U-District vibe that the customers and employees give off while in the store. Conversations are laid back, like that of a UW college student and the clothing in the store fits the persona as well. Along with Seattle inspired tees by local companies such as TITS, Casual Industrees, Emnace and Urbanity owner's own brand Rich Kids, is a great selection of fashion forward cut and sew pieces for men and women as well. So if you happen to be in the area be sure to check out Urbnanity when looking for your next Belltown club outfit or exclusives for your back to school wardrobe. For more details check out!

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