Saturday, September 17, 2011

True Freshman Sportswear Facebook Page

Since relaunching my website and changing the name to Major League Lifestyle I have been getting a few hundred hits a day so I know there are some lurkers out there! Don't be afraid to comment or share any of the info you see on my page to your favorite social media site. At the end of all of my post are links to easily share the link to Facebook, Twitter, or your own Blogspot. I have created a brand page for my website and clothing brand at and I would appreciate if you head over and click "Like" to help support! Although this site is used as a personal channel to express my thoughts and interests through words and pictures, I am always looking for suggestions and accepting input on what kind of info you would like to see. My recent posts of 'Girls In Snapbacks' have been really popular and have already became my post popular post in my sites hisory so I will continue to do that feature. Thanks again!

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