Tuesday, January 17, 2012

True Freshman Sportswear Available At Fingers Duke!

True Freshman Sportswear X Major League Lifestyle is more than a t-shirt company, it is a lifestyle brand that started as an idea to fuse fashion, art, sports, and hip-hop into one culture. The brand for student-athletes and over achievers... True Freshman is designed to give you the colorway you need for your school, team, or new pair of kicks you just got from the mall. True Freshman Sportswear combines new and used vintage clothing and sportswear and that's how it defines its roots in the over populated streetwear market. I am a self taught digital artist and I handle all the creative aspects such as the fashion and web design, photography editing and advertising myself. Fashion design and art is my passion, and you will see that my brand is a direct reflection of my personal style and influences.

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