Tuesday, November 25, 2008

T-Pain - Thr33 Ringz CD Review

Realeased: November 11, 2008
First of all its hard not to get too much of T-Pain right now... For about the last year he has been dominating the hip-hop and r&b world and music in general. So if your thinking your gonna get this CD and assume you've heard all of his music before or he can't get any better; your wrong. I was suprised at how good this CD was. I can listen to it from start to finish no problem, every track has its own feel and flavor to it. The skits performed between the tracks are also funny as well so it makes it very easy to listen through the CD without pressing the skip button once. Some of my personal favorites are Long Lap Dance; a song about the negative effects of a short songs at the strip club. Reality Show featuring Musiq Soulchild, Tay Dizm and Raheem DeVaughn; a song about a couple who are short on rent and decide to make a reality show to express their love and earn some cash. And Freeze featuring Chris Brown; a song about finding love on the dance floor.

Then there is singles released for the track which no doubt you have heard already which are Cant't believe it featuring Lil' Wayne, and Chopped and Skrewed featuring Ludacris. Both very good choices for singles.

T-Pain also shows off his lyricism on the track Karaoke featuring DJ Khaled. He goes on to rant about the music industry and everyone stealing his autotune style and people hating on his style. You can check out the video he just dropped to promote the track on BET.

So if your looking for something to pop in the cd player and play all the way through I would pick this CD up. You may be suprised like I was. Its available wherever CD's are sold right now (or your favorite bootleg spot.)

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