Monday, November 24, 2008

First blog, first post, first day of the rest of my life!

I go by the name of Hollywood Nicky....
You may recognize me from around your neighborhood, hittin up parties and kicking it with my posse... Or you may have noticed me walking around the mall with a fresh pair of kicks on and 4 or 5 bags in my hand... Or possibly at the club surrounded by a gaggle of breezies. Haha

Or maybe not.

Im really just an everyday fly guy who your girl secretly admires, and wishes you were more like...
Just think of me of your role model.

And for my other fly guys out there... Just think of me as your peer.

This just so happens to be my very first blog,]. Im going to try to update it at least 3 times a week. I know it may seem like I been doing this for years, buy really Im a rookie when it comes to this bloggin stuff. So I will pretty much be making the rules up as I go...

The purpose of my blog is to educate... "Educate how?" you ask? Well you will see soon enough. I get on a regular basis questions regarding my handsome good looks and my ridiculously stunning swag. So here your questions will be answered. I will be posting everything from some of my favorite sneaker and streetwear boutiques I like to shop at, to some of my favorite music and album reviews, to random thoughts and opinions that happen to be swimming around in my head.

If you have a question or an idea for my blog dont be afraid to hit me with an email at

This weekend I went on a hunt for Retro Jordan 1's(pictured here) which were supposed to be realesed this Saturday... So I head for my first stop on the list which was Niketown in downtown Seattle. I talk to an employee and come to find out there was a shipping problem and they didnt get shipped to Washington!

So I head to Southcenter mall to continue my shopping and after my failed attempt to cop these shoes there was a shooting in the mall... If you are from the Seattle area then you have for sure heard about this. For more info here is the link.

Anyways so my day was pretty much ruined except for the fact I ended up copping these Retro Jordan Playoff 8's from Winners Circle in Seattle. For more info about Winners circle check out their website or myspace profile. So may day didnt end up completely ruined. I had a pretty nice chat with the owner there and hes a real cool guy. He offered me a pair of retro Jordan 1's (Black/Gold) for only $200 deadstock! But unfortunately I had to pass. So if your around the area you should pick those up thats a steal! Also all his ALife and The Hundreds gear is on sale so head down there ASAP!

Tomorrow I will post all of my favorite spots to shop while in the Seattle area so stay tuned for that.


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