Saturday, December 20, 2008

Time to hibernate!

So this weekend we are supposed to get another 2 feet of snow and wind gusts up to 90mph! Crazy huh. lol

Man are the roads crazy right now! People slipping and sliding everwhere while its snowing and everything. And of course everyone is trying to do all there Christmas shopping and stock up on groceries because the storm is coming so theres mass cars on the road.

So I went out and did the last of my Christmas shopping since its the last weekend before Christmas. I got my bro and sis some tees, and my dad the new Musiq Soulchild CD, and my mom Jaheims Ghetto Classics CD[I hope they dont read this!]. And of course I had to cop something for myself, so I grabbed this tee to go with my Alife kicks, and some fitteds I been needing for awhile. Since I knew I was gonna be hibernating for a couple days I decided to pick up a couple new games and get me this dope ass red Xbox controller. haha


plainjane. said...

TWO FEEEET!! i didnt know it was supposed to get that wiiild out.

woooow, it is pretty crazy wit the snow right about now though, the wind aint hit 90 though, luckily.

diplomatikk said...

at least you got some flyy stuff to fuck with, while you're hibernating & whatnot.

Rai said...

LOL @ hibernating though.
I kind of wished it snowed here.

It was nice out & hot out where I live.

Tashur said...

that graphic tee is pretty hott