Friday, May 15, 2009

5 Minutes With Terry Kennedy

Name: Terry Kennedy, aka TK.
Where you represent: Long Beach, CA.
Favorite places to shop: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, I just love going there. I like all the accessories, the belts, wallets, the shoes are ill.
Favorite tunes to skate to: Fly Society, that’s it.
Besides the TK, what’s your favorite shoe to skate in: The Supra Cruiser.
Shoe that got you hooked: First skate shoe was the Emerica Marc Johnson. Other than that the Deion Sanders Nike.
What’s on your feet: The Supra TK Societys, crispy sample white ones, only 2 pairs exist right now
Last pair you purchased: Guccis, I don’t know the name, but Gucci Mane wears em.
Favorite pair you don’t own: I’m not gonna front, The Kanye Louis look dope.
Top 3 sneakers of all-time:
Supra TK Societys
Supra Muska Skytops
Supra Vaiders
If i wasn’t a skater, I would probably be a: Football or basketball player.
One thing people might not know about me: I love a lot of R&B music, I even like usher. but most people trip when they find out I’m even into M83 and MGMT.
One reason why shoes matter: Because it sets your whole outfit off, you can wear a dusty outfit but the shoes will make it work. I’ll wear my jeans all the time and it won’t matter as long as my shoes are killin’ it.

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